Voice Dialogue

Discover multiple sides within yourself

What is Voice Dialogue

This technique gives voice to our parts, both to the familiar parts and to parts that seem surprisingly new to us. They play a role in the mood background and often play a much more important role than we initially imagine. Voice Dialogue is a unique way to become a full conductor of our inner orchestra, in which every instrument comes into its own right.

Your inner parts

By means of voice dialogue it is possible to gain more control over the way in which you live. You gain insight into how and why you act at certain moments. This action has everything to do with your mood or how you behave at that moment. Everyone has different moods and these moods get a “voice” through voice dialogue. Through this voice dialogue technique it is possible to get in conversation with such a voice (or also called part). A voice then turns out to be an inner part, which is only too happy to lose its story once. It experiences itself as seen and heard, or just as misunderstood by the owner. When asked, the part also knows exactly when it has started to play a role in your life.

The goal of Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is the specific exploratory method to the world of different “self-parts”, also known as sub-personalities. This method requires two people: a facilitator / supervisor and a client. The task of the facilitator is to get into conversation with the different parts of the client, who in turn will become aware of his parts, and will experience how the different “Selves” influence his life. By going through the development of an “Aware Ego” process, the client will learn to use the parts. Ultimately, the client will learn to consciously choose a “part” that is appropriate at that specific moment in order to get the best out of a situation.