Other treatment methods


Treatment possibilities

Besides Jin Shin Jyutsu I can also use other expertises in a treatment program.
However, I will only apply these if I believe that the goal can be reached faster or easier in this way.
Below you will find more information about the therapeutic techniques or methods in which I have also specialized.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a type of acupressure that is based on twenty-six points along the energy channels of the body. With the use of the hands and fingers blockades are released to bring the body energy back in balance, to improve the energy levels, to balance the emotions and to calm the mind.


The idea behind hypnotherapy is that under hypnosis the patient can make easier contact with the subconscious than is possible in daily life because the rational consciousness prevents this. By making contact with unconscious feelings and ideas a person will get (more) insight into their own needs and possibilities. A process of healing can be initiated with the information obtained.

Massage Therapy

In my treatments I apply different massage techniques to stimulate the self-healing ability of the body. Through the connection between body and mind, a relaxed body stimulates the free flow of thoughts.


Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on an equal one-to-one relationship. The aim of the coaching is to increase the personal effectiveness of the coachee. The coach mainly asks questions and mirrors the answers. The idea is to make a person think about issues in a new way and the issue itself will come in motion!

Life In Motion

You literally go through something through movement. When you move, you go through space, but movement also works on a mental level. Movement can give a new look on a fixed thinking pattern which can help you further in your process.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue gives voice to our parts, both to the familiar parts and to parts that seem surprisingly new to us. They play a role on the mood background and often play a much more important role than we initially imagine. Voice Dialogue is a unique way to become a full conductor of our inner orchestra, in which every instrument comes into its own potential.


Understanding what life is about often makes it easier to make choices and often puzzle pieces from the past fall into place.
A conscious mind will also find it easier to thrive in this strange world when it understands what is going on around it.


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