What is Sportsmassage

This massage targets the deeper muscles, tendons and attachments to the bone. The increasing circulation will drain the muscles from waist products and moist. Injuries, Physical incapibillities and chronical burdens can be reduced by my treatments because I look at possible connections throughout the whole body. This massage will give a healing reaction to the body and will treat pain.

Good maintenance

The name sports massage is used when combining several procedures. Sport masseurs can treat sportsmen to let them achieve better results, or to help them with revalidation after an injury for complete sport resumption. The sport masseur is competent for giving first aid at sport injuries, doing body-function-research of muscles and joints and give advise if a sportsman is ready to resume activity after a sport-free periode or injury. The sport masseur can give recommendations concerning training, food consuption, drinking, warming-up and cooling-down, the use of tape or other habits, based on its research. Applying tape to sportsmen prior to participation of a sport event, is mostly also carried out by the sport masseur. Generally the tape constructions are applied to give support to muscles and tendens after an injury.


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