Life force of the soul

What is Reiki

Reiki is a paranormal therapy and belongs to the alternative medicine. We work with the hands, where the body, with a form of life energy, is treated. The term reiki consists of two Japanese characters (kanji), namely 霊rei (‘spirit’ or ‘soul’) and 気 ki (‘energy’ or ‘life force’). Another popular Western translation of 霊 気 reiki is “universal life energy”, or simply “life”, “the world”. When reiki is applied, body, mind and soul, when it comes to illness and healing, are seen as a whole.

Universal life energy

The Reiki practitioner acts as an intermediary in a reiki treatment, for the transmission of universal life energy to the recipient. The energy itself finds its way through the body and the mind of the recipient. The transmitted energy has a nourishing and harmonizing effect on energy channels (nadis) and chakras. Passing on this energy can also take place through direct laying on of hands and at a distance. This transmission of energy has a positive influence on disharmony in every part of the human being. It has a comprehensive harmonizing effect on everything that underlies energy, people, animals, plants, objects and situations. Reiki is used for complaints on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and also for strengthening health and well-being.

Reiki method

The energy with which one works in the Reiki method is everywhere and could be the foundation of the world. This energy, which manifests itself on various levels (causal, mental and physical) forms as such all objects and beings. Energy flows in bodies that are blocked by for example negative experiences from the past, with physical and mental problems as a result, can be regenerated by this form of laying on of hands by lifting these blockages.
Reiki is seen as cosmic and not as personal energy, this energy is only passed on.