What is Reflexology

This theraputical massage will stimulate the reflex points on the feet and hands who correspond with several other parts of the body. This massage therapy has a healing effect and can locate and treat burden throughout the body.

Connect with your organs

The reflexology (also foot reflex or reflex area therapy) is an alternative way of healing wich tells that all body parts have a connection with places on the feet, the hands and the ears. The foot sole, the hands and the ears can become classified in areas which correspond with parts in the body such as the heart, the liver etc. Reflexology is a type of massage which repairs and/or maintains areas in the entire body by causing the energy flow in the body to be unobstructed. Sickness can be the consequence of blockages of energy in the body. By using reflexology this energy flow (the base of our health) will become stimulated and as a result sicknesses can be remedied.According to the reflexology the energy flows inside the nerves through the human body. These energy flows can be influenced on approximately 800 points in our body. In the acupuncture thesesame points are used, but works in contrast to reflexology with needles which are put into the reflex points in the skin. The easiest way to influence these places is done on the hands and the feet.

10 Areas

The reflexology divides the body in ten areas. These are mapped on the feet with on every foot five areas. The body is also vertically projected on the foot. The head lies at the toes, and the feet at the heel and every area has its own characteristics. By exercising pressure on a certain place on the feet, a certain organ or a certain gland is stimulated at another place in the body. On the hands and feet all points, that have an influence on the organs come together. Reflexology is beneficial for sinusitis and breathing problems, digestive problems, back problems, asthma, infertility, inproves circulation and can also work preventive for sicknesses. Reflexologie harmonises the body and helps the self healing capacity and the immunity. It purifies the body of waste products, gives energy and stimulates the spirit.


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