Movement is alteration

You literally go through something through movement. When you move, you go through space, but movement also works on a mental level. If you are stuck in a certain thinking pattern, you can get a new vision by just getting up and running a round. This will help you further in the process you are working on. Exercising also helps to loosen the things that are stuck in your body (by running your body is literally flushed, the blood circulation accelerated and makes sure that everything in your body is refreshed for a moment.


To train flexibility strength and balance, you can become fit through yoga and create more rest and endurance in the body. Because of the meditative form, body and mind will also become more connected to each other, making you feel healthy, comfortable in your skin and clear in the world.

Yoga translated from Sanskrit means “unite” and “to control”. Yoga is in its broad context a Hindu philosophy that teaches the mind to control the feeling and the body, in order to attain the union with God. In a more everyday, Western concept, yoga means hatha yoga. This is a branch that consists of a system of exercises to gain control over the mind and especially the body. In the west there is only a significant focus on the practice of yoga since the last half of the twentieth century. Usually it involves relaxation exercises from hatha yoga, which are experienced as beneficial in tensions built up by a hectic life. The main form of physical yoga is hatha yoga, which for the first time was amply documented in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika in the 15th century AD. In the West, yoga is seen as conducive to health and is often practiced without religious intentions. Hatha yoga consists largely of asanas (body postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques). The hatha yoga forms the basis for many other, further developed types of physical yoga.


When your body dances your head comes to rest. There is room for new thoughts. This non-verbal form of therapy aims to restore, preserve and improve psychological and physical functioning.
With attention to dance, grounding, breathing, posture and music in your life, you become more at home in your body and look at yourself more positively.

Moving Consciously

By keep on doing exercises you become more aware of your body and you will notice more quickly if something is wrong. The exercises that I use will ensure that they improve your posture so that you use your body in a better and more efficient way and it will function better. I give exercises explanation and tips on how best to care for your body in your life situation.


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