My treatments

In my treatments I use several techniques to stimulate the self healing abilities of the body, to help it relax, to improve performance and to reduce muscle ache, stifness and stress.
Massage is the application of structured or random pressure, tension, movement, vibration on the muscles, tissues, tendens, ligaments, joints, lymphe system, digestive orgens and reproductive system to obtain an advantageous response. This can be done with or without oil.

Classic Massage

This, also called Swedish massage, will help the body to release stress and tension. The long strokes and kneadings will provide a good circulation which will drain waist from the muscles and causes the whole body to relax.


This theraputical massage will stimulate the reflex points on the feet and hands who correspond with several other parts of the body. This massage therapy has a healing effect and can locate and treat burden throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

By using techniques of strong pressure and depth, deeper layers of stiff muscles can be targeted to release tension and loosen. Eventualy this will provide a sense of deep relaxation and rest.

Shiatsu Massage

This originally Japanese form of therapy can be given through (thin) clothing. By giving pressure with thumbs and finger tips to specific points on the meredians (energy lines in the body), the energy flow in the intire body will be increased. This massage has healing abilities and can have a preventive effect by eliminating blocked energy flows.


This technique targets the deeper muscles, tendons and attachments to the bone. The increasing circulation will drain the muscles from waist products and moist. Injuries, Physical incapibillities and chronical burdens can be reduced by my treatments because I look at possible connections throughout the whole body. This massage will give a healing reaction to the body and will treat pain.


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