Deep Tissue Massage


What is Deep Tissue Masssage

By using techniques of strong pressure and depth, deeper layers of stiff muscles can be targeted to release tension and loosen. Eventualy this will provide a sense of deep relaxation and rest.

Movement in the deeper layers

Deep tissue techniques are generally used for more concentrated massage work. In this way, the masseur can reach deeper layers of the soft tissue in a specific connection, muscle or muscle group. At the start, work will be done superficially to relieve the area, after which the depth of the muscle will slowly be entered, causing more movement. The pressure will not be increased too deep or too fast, because the muscles can then tighten (to protect an area) and unnecessary damage can be caused. Very little oil is used as the pressure does not move much over the skin. The most commonly used techniques during deep tissue massages are 3 or 6 fingers, knuckles, elbow, thumbs of the hand and the forearm.


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