A mirror for your mind

Personal guidance

Coaching is a form of personal guidance based on an equal one-to-one relationship. The coachee learns, the coach supports and guides this learning process. The goals are determined in advance within the coaching trajectory. The aim of the coaching is to increase the personal effectiveness of the coachee.

What does a coach do?

In the coaching process, the coach is the supplier and the client is ‘coached’. The client determines the goal: the coach asks questions and gives advice. The client remains responsible for his or her decisions. The coach listens to the client and mirrors the answers. The idea is to make the other person think about things that will activate him or her! So it is a shift from thinking to doing. “From stillness to flowing”.

Target formulation

Target formulation is meant to reflect on what the coachee wants differently. Clarification of purpose and context by being specific about place, time and people with whom that person wants to reach the goal makes it tangible / perceptible. Very concrete. The mapping of the specific behavior of the coached person in that context, the possible effects and the link to their own values is also important.
The answer to the next question of ‘what hinders the coachee’ to move towards the goal brings the perceived obstacle to the surface.

Necessary self-image for the future

The required self-image. The way someone sees himself influences his / her behavior. The world can be a dangerous place to live is vaguely believed and the role of victim is quickly assumed. The self-image as a care provider is probably the same as that of a victim. After all, if you see yourself as a social worker, you can do that if you see the other person as a victim. And what you can see is always a reflection of yourself in part. Self-image is easiest to capture in metaphors. The field of storytelling is therefore the most appropriate place to get started with this aspect of coaching. To incorporate the self-image in a story is one of the methods to bring about change.

Visualization of future events

Future visualization creates an image with attraction. Something to work towards! Something to look forward to! People are encouraged to move in the direction of an attractive vision of the future. This image is stuck over the image of fear and sticking. Or put in the background in other words while the attractive future image is put in the foreground.

Lessons from the past

What motivates the situation that has arisen at the moment? What deterrent does someone have and does he want to avoid this? What is the process in someone’s life that keeps coming back? What are recognizable patterns.