Classic Massage


What is Classic Massage

This, also called Swedish massage, will help the body to release stress and tension. The long strokes and kneadings will provide a good circulation which will drain waist from the muscles and causes the whole body to relax.

The technique

Classic massage or Swedish massage, is one of the most used massage forms. This so called traditional massage includes stroking kneading and tapping:

  • Effleurage, the stroking with little pressure along long parts of the body
  • Petrissage, the kneading of the muscles. Rolling the skin, pulling it upwards is also called petrissage.
  • Friction, contignues twisting and pressing on a specific spot to stimulate the circulation.
  • Tapotement, the rythmic knocking or tapping with the fingers or the side of the hand.
  • Shaking a muscle (group), this can be done directly on to the muscle or indirectly by moving a whole body part.

The oil, crème or lotion is used to reduce the resistance of the skin.


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