About Jochem


Body and mind

I believe that our own body is our most precious possession in this physical life.
I love to help myself and others keeping our bodies and minds in good balance
and stimulate the development of our concsious awareness.

My background

In 2007 I started my own practice as a massage therapist in Amsterdam where I applied sports massage, Shiatsu foot reflexology and Reiki, among other things.
In these treatments I worked towards an awareness of the body. This caused that forgotten and hidden burdens and traumas could become visible again. After treatment, the body is often able to function optimally again.
In my practice I have experienced that the physical body is often a mirror of how someone feels mentally and how the body reacts to the mind and vice versa. This has led me to dive deeper into the spirit and to expand my practice with it.
As a hypnotherapist I have done a lot of research in the field of “progression” (in contrast to the frequently applied “regression”. I do not use this method to turn my back on the past, but to free myself completely in my therapeutic possibilities. I am also inclined to let my clients fully master their goals so that they know what we are doing and can therefore accelerate large parts of climbing the therapeutic ladder.
My acquaintance with Jin Shin Jyutsu has given my way of working even more support. This way of treating includes a way of life that stimulates body, mind and soul and is applicable to everything.
In the Ayahuasca ceremonies that I facilitated, I gave people the opportunity to open themselves even more to everything.
Ayahuasca has accelerated my own development. It has opened me up even more and made me stronger in unconditional love, confidence and peace.

My way of working

With a holistic view I help finding the goals of my clients, where old beliefs are and what someone actually wants from deep inside.
By having my main focus on the here and now I challenge people to look at themselves from different perspectives so that they can get a clearer and more complete picture of themselves.
By working with the body and initiating healing, I offer the possibility of integrating insights into daily life on a subconscious level.
By deepening therapy, I also create opportunities to make conscious choices at the level of things that previously seemed unthinkable. This deepening is created by the combination of mental and physical methods.
I prefer leting my clients “struggle” as little as possible with their traumas and focus on the healing process because I believe you’ll attract where you put your focus on.

In more detail

I am a qualified therapist in Hypnosis, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Movement / Posture, Massage, Reiki, Regression / Progression and Voice Dialogue.
I am also an expert in nutrition, herbs and natural plant medicine.

From an early age I have been developing my body and mind.
I reduce stress in my life and broaden my knowledge by following courses and trainings in a wide range of philosophies and methods.

I give a lot of attention to the way of life of the Jin Shin Jyutsu, Meditation, Chi Gong and Breathing.

Studying The Law Of One has helped me find my core of truths. I also like to be inspired by the work of Esther Hicks and Bentinho Massaro.


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